About Custom Conveyancing

Delivering Exceptional Conveyancing Services across South Australia

Welcome to Custom Conveyancing

Your premier conveyancing firm in metropolitan Adelaide. With the same trusted team that has served countless clients, we continue our tradition of offering comprehensive and tailored conveyancing services. We take pride in streamlining your property transactions with accuracy and efficiency, ensuring you feel at ease every step of the way.

Why Custom Conveyancing?

Our commitment to excellence, a keen eye for detail, and a deep-rooted understanding of the local property market set us apart.

Tailored Service

We understand that every client and property is unique, so we customise our services to meet your needs.

Extensive Expertise

Our team leverages years of experience to ensure smooth and legal property transactions.

Local Insight

With a profound understanding of the northern Adelaide suburbs, we offer unparalleled local knowledge.

Trust and Transparency

Open communication and complete transparency are at the core of our services, keeping you informed at every step.

Client Satisfaction

We prioritise your peace of mind, as our long history of repeat clients attests.

Our Team

At Custom Conveyancing, our team is our greatest asset. Located in metro Adelaide, we’re a collective of seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds. Together, we harness our skills and experiences to provide unparalleled services. Each team member is passionately dedicated to their craft, consistently aiming to exceed client expectations with their expertise, local knowledge, and unwavering commitment to service excellence.

Meet The Team

Narelle Kiryk
Director and Registered Conveyancer


Our founding director, Narelle brings together a fervent passion for client service with a rich knowledge of metro Adelaide. With over 14 years under her belt as a registered conveyancer, she is renowned for her unparalleled insights and expertise.
Paris Kiryk
Registered Conveyancer


Paris stands as a cornerstone of the Custom Conveyancing, dedicating the last three years to ensure clients are accorded stellar results. Emulating her mother's trajectory, Paris is engrossed in her Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing studies, with aspirations of becoming a Registered Conveyancer by 2023's conclusion.
Brooke Barnes
Conveyancing Clerk


Brooke brings a positive and calming presence to the Custom Conveyancing team. With 18 years in the banking industry, her broad knowledge of mortgages and finance is invaluable to our clients. Brooke is also studying for an Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing and aims to become a Registered Conveyancer by the end of 2023.

Our Core Values

At Custom Conveyancing, our core values guide our approach to serving our clients.


We conduct our business honestly and transparently, fostering client trust.


We aim to deliver superior services, setting high standards in the conveyancing industry.


Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and we work hard to provide personalized and effective solutions.


We uphold the highest professional standards, treating all clients with the respect and courtesy they deserve.


Rooted in Gawler, we are committed to its development and growth, professionally and personally.

Narelle Kiryk

Director and Registered Conveyancer

Meet Narelle Kiryk, the founding Director and heart of Custom Conveyancing. Esteemed as a key member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers and boasting an impressive tenure of over 14 years as a Registered Conveyancer, Narelle seamlessly marries her deep-seated knowledge with an unwavering commitment to assisting clients traverse the intricacies of the conveyancing landscape, ensuring every transaction is as smooth as possible.


Narelle's former banking stint gives her an edge, allowing her to masterfully oversee the multifaceted world of conveyancing. Her adeptness in financial dealings and her understanding of Adelaide's metro region elevates the benchmark for thorough, client-centred conveyancing.


Beyond her professional role, Narelle is deeply connected to the local community. She is an active member and supporter of local sporting clubs, where her children actively participate. In addition, Custom Conveyancing is a proud sponsor of several local clubs, further solidifying Narelle's commitment to community engagement and support.


Narelle's reputation is built on her meticulous eye for detail and relentless pursuit of client satisfaction. Her warm demeanour, amplified by her dedication to open dialogue and clarity, guarantees that each client feels valued, comprehended, and at ease at every step of their conveyancing journey.

Narelles Approach to Conveyancing

At the forefront of Custom Conveyancing in Gawler, Narelle drives a team who echoes her dedication to first-rate service and client fulfilment. An advocate for perpetual growth and knowledge enhancement, she consistently expands her vast expertise to refine and modify her offerings in line with client preferences. With Narelle, clients are guaranteed a tailored, streamlined, and triumphant conveyancing endeavour.

For further inquiries or to discuss your conveyancing needs, contact Narelle at narelle@customconveyancing.com.au.

Paris Kiryk

Conveyancing Clerk

Introducing Paris Kiryk, the zealous Conveyancing Clerk and an instrumental member of the Custom Conveyancing ensemble. Drawing inspiration from her mother’s path, Paris is arduously working towards her Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing, with the goal to secure her status as a Registered Conveyancer come 2024.


Having been with Custom Conveyancing for the past 3 years, Paris plays a critical role in the family business, always striving to achieve the best outcomes for her clients. Her schooling at Trinity College and various leadership roles have equipped her with confidence and expertise beyond her years.


Paris, a local netball player since the age of 6, thoroughly enjoys being a part of a team. Her strong work ethic and collaborative spirit shine through in her professional role, where she works effectively with all parties involved to deliver the desired outcome at the highest of standards.


Friendly, diligent, and highly motivated, Paris is well-loved by both her colleagues and clients. Her ambitious nature drives her to continuously improve and excel in her role, reflecting her determination to provide exceptional service in every transaction.

Paris’s Approach to Conveyancing

Paris' commitment to her clients, her developing expertise in conveyancing, and her ability to collaborate effectively make her a standout member of the Custom Conveyancing team. She is dedicated to providing top-notch service, making every client's experience smooth and successful.

To get in touch with Paris for your conveyancing needs, contact her at paris@customconveyancing.com.au

Brooke Barnes

Conveyancing Clerk

Brooke Barnes is an integral part of the Custom Conveyancing team, whose banking industry background and calm demeanor have won her a special place in the hearts of our clients. She is currently studying towards an Advanced Diploma in Conveyancing, with the goal of becoming a Registered Conveyancer.


Brooke's experience spans over 18 years in the banking industry, during which she amassed a wealth of knowledge in the areas of mortgages and finance. She seamlessly applies these skills to her current role, providing top-tier service to our clients throughout their property transactions.


Brooke is passionate about community involvement, evident in her active participation in local sporting clubs. As a parent of three school-going children, she understands the importance of family and community, a value that translates into her work at Custom Conveyancing.


A calm and collected demeanour that Brooke exhibits in her conveyancing approach immediately puts clients at ease. Her positivity infuses our office environment, contributing significantly to team dynamics.

Brookes Approach to Conveyancing

Brooke's combination of vast banking experience and ongoing legal education allows her to provide well-rounded advice and guidance to clients. Her empathetic nature makes her adept at understanding and addressing client concerns effectively.

To get in touch with Brooke for your conveyancing needs, contact her at brooke@customconveyancing.com.au